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PageGuru.in is India’s premier software development company, renowned for its innovative and high-quality solutions. With a team of skilled and experienced professionals, PageGuru.in excels in crafting custom software that perfectly aligns with your business needs. Whether you’re looking for web or mobile application development, e-commerce solutions, or digital marketing services, PageGuru.in has you covered.

What sets PageGuru.in apart is its commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology while ensuring user-friendly interfaces. With a client-centric approach, they prioritize client satisfaction, ensuring each project is executed with precision and delivered on time. If you’re seeking top-notch software development services in India, PageGuru.in is your go-to partner, combining creativity, expertise, and reliability to take your business to the next level.

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Fully Dynamic Cloude Based Software
  • - Table Management
    - Order Management
    - Menu Management
    - Inventory Management
    - Logo
    - POS (Point of Sale)
    - Online Ordering
    - Kitchen Display System (KDS)
    - Staff Management
    - Customer Relationship Management
    - Reservation System
    - Analytics and Reporting
    - Reviews and Ratings
    - Billing and Invoicing
    - Integration Capabilities
    - Delivery in 25 Days

School Or Institute Software

School or institute software encompasses vital features to efficiently manage educational institutions. These features include student and staff management, class scheduling, attendance tracking, gradebook and academic records management, communication tools, library management, financial management, admissions and enrollment, student and parent portals, resource and inventory management, security and access control, report generation, integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS), data analytics, mobile accessibility, customization, support, document management, and health and safety tracking. Together, these features optimize administrative processes, safeguard data, enhance communication, and facilitate data-informed decision-making, benefiting schools and their stakeholders.

Restaurant and Hotel Management

Restaurant and hotel management software should encompass an array of indispensable features to streamline operations. These include reservation management to efficiently book and manage tables or rooms, point-of-sale (POS) systems for order processing and payments, inventory management to control stock levels and reduce waste, staff scheduling for optimized manpower allocation, and guest profiles for personalized service. It should also offer menu or room service customization, including dietary preferences and special requests, as well as billing and invoicing capabilities. Feedback and review management systems are vital for monitoring guest satisfaction. Furthermore, security features ensure data protection, while analytics tools offer insights into sales, customer preferences, and operational efficiency. Additionally, integration with accounting and marketing platforms is crucial for comprehensive management and growth.

real estate portal

A real estate portal software should encompass a range of critical features to facilitate property transactions and streamline the real estate industry. It must offer advanced property search options, allowing users to filter listings by location, property type, price range, and other criteria. Detailed property listings with high-resolution images, virtual tours, and property descriptions are essential to attract potential buyers. Integration with maps and location data is vital for visualizing property locations. User registration and profile management enable both agents and customers to track their interests, save searches, and receive alerts. Secure messaging and communication tools facilitate interactions between buyers, sellers, and agents. Moreover, the software should include payment gateways for transactions, support for real estate agent profiles, and robust analytics to track property performance and user behavior, ensuring a seamless and efficient real estate experience.

Pharmacy Software

Pharmacy software, like the one offered by Pageguru.in, is a vital tool for managing and streamlining the operations of a pharmacy. It comes equipped with a range of features, such as inventory management to keep track of medication stock, automated prescription filling for accuracy and efficiency, patient record management to maintain health histories, and seamless billing and invoicing for a smooth checkout process. Additionally, it ensures compliance with regulations, provides drug interaction alerts, and offers robust reporting capabilities for better decision-making. With user-friendly interfaces, it empowers pharmacists to enhance customer service and optimize workflow, making it an indispensable resource for any modern pharmacy.

MLM Portal

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) software is a powerful tool for managing and automating network marketing businesses. Pageguru.in offers a comprehensive suite of features for MLM software, including user-friendly dashboards, secure member registration, real-time commission tracking, genealogy trees, e-wallet integration for payments and withdrawals, and customizable compensation plans. It also supports e-commerce integration, multi-currency support, and robust reporting and analytics. The software ensures a seamless user experience, automates complex processes, and enhances communication between members and the company. With Pageguru.in's MLM software, businesses can efficiently manage their network marketing operations, track performance, and drive growth in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

E-Commerce Software

E-commerce software, like Pageguru.in, is a digital tool that helps individuals and businesses create, manage, and run online stores. It simplifies the process of selling products and services on the internet by offering essential features such as product catalog management, secure payment processing, inventory tracking, and order fulfillment. Additionally, it allows businesses to customize their online storefronts, design appealing product pages, and provide a seamless shopping experience for customers. E-commerce software also often includes marketing tools like SEO optimization, email marketing, and analytics to help boost sales and better understand customer behavior. Ultimately, it empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to establish a strong online presence and efficiently grow their e-commerce operations.

Billing Software

Pageguru.in's billing software is a user-friendly solution that simplifies your invoicing and payment tracking needs. With this software, you can effortlessly create professional invoices, add your company logo and customize them to reflect your brand. It enables you to easily input product or service details, quantities, and prices, making the invoicing process quick and accurate. You can also set up recurring invoices for regular clients, reducing manual work. The software keeps track of payments, helping you monitor outstanding invoices, and provides financial reports for a clear overview of your business's financial health. It's a reliable tool for small businesses and freelancers to streamline their billing processes and get paid faster.

Software development process

Software development is like building a digital tool or application. It follows a process that can be divided into several steps. First, there’s planning, where you figure out what the software needs to do. Then, you design how it will look and function. Next, you start writing the actual code, which is like giving instructions to the computer. After that, you test the software to find and fix any problems or “bugs.” Once it works well, you can release it to the users. But the work doesn’t stop there; you continue to update and improve the software based on user feedback and changing needs. It’s like building a house – you plan, design, build, test, and then maintain it. This process helps ensure that the software is reliable and useful.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

A professionally designed website plays a pivotal role in establishing your online presence and building credibility. It creates a positive first impression, enhances user experience, and helps you stand out from the competition. With PageGuru, we craft visually appealing and user-friendly websites that reflect your brand identity and effectively communicate your products or services.

The timeline for designing and developing a business website varies depending on the complexity and scope of the project. At PageGuru , we understand the importance of timely delivery. Our dedicated team works efficiently to ensure your website is launched within the agreed-upon timeframe, without compromising on quality.

Absolutely! At PageGuru , we believe in creating customized solutions tailored to your unique brand identity. Our team collaborates closely with you to understand your vision, goals, and target audience. We then incorporate your brand elements, color schemes, and messaging to design a website that perfectly aligns with your brand identity and resonates with your customers.

Yes, indeed! With the growing number of mobile users, having a mobile-friendly and responsive website is essential. At PageGuru, we prioritize responsive web design, ensuring that your website adapts seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes. This enables your visitors to have a consistent and optimal browsing experience, regardless of whether they are using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Absolutely! We understand the importance of having control over your website content. That’s why we develop websites on content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, which empower you to easily update and manage your website content without any technical expertise. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure you are confident in managing your website efficiently.